Melyon uses old technique to produce highly hydrating bar soaps
Forget about the dehydrating soap from your local supermarket — this is pure elegance from the French mountains.
1 Jun 2021

The former soccer player Roger Dupé turned into a top model and then became an entrepreneur as co-founder of skincare brand Melyon. The vision? To change the ideal of beauty. Since launching, both he and his brand has been featured in leading media platforms both in Scandinavia and all over the world, as well as received a bunch of awards.

— Yeah, the feedback since launch has been pretty good, as Dupé summarizes it. I’m very thankful for my awards and our high performance in many respected magazines around the world. I couldn’t believe it would go so viral, to be honest. 

The premiering range consisted of a few selected face care products, suitable for all skin types but especially developed for darker skin tones. This spring, it’s followed by a new line of four crafted bar soaps, produced in the French mountains.

— Soaps have a long history in our lives — I think every human on the planet has a memory of bar soap, says Dupé. I thought it was pretty interesting to dig into that. But also that a lot of soaps out there are industrialized nowadays, which loses all its benefits to the skin. So we found another technique for our soap, called cold saponification. In this method, the coconut oil, seed oil, and other natural cosmetic ingredients are mixed and react at almost ambient temperature. The benefits are that the cold process method ensures that the natural ingredients are better preserved, instead of getting lost in the heating process in hot processed soap techniques.

Combining long natural maturation and high-quality raw materials leads to the finest natural cosmetic soaps, very rich in natural glycerin that offers an ultra-soft and moisturizing experience.

— Each soap also has its benefit. For example, The Miel soap works for your intimate parts without any problems, and the Romarin is ideal for shaving or spotty acne, prone skin. They’re also suitable for the face, and it doesn’t have any dehydrating effect on the face or the body, Dupé concludes.