Guide / Stockholm
”What I love about Stockholm right now is that the creative force has switched up to another level”
On flourishing creative talents and suburb excursions
22 Dec 2021

Born in the city of Uppsala, an hour north of Stockholm, Urombi keeps his days busy within several fields. He works part-time with PR at the agency Ibeyostudio and runs his own business, ULAX STUDIOS, where he does styling, photography, filming, and creative direction. He’s also part of a DJ duo together with his girlfriend Tina Misaghi.

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Stockholm 

— What I love about Stockholm right now is that the creative force has switched up to another level. I feel like people finally dare to take that uncomfortable step to really do want they want in life. I love what Paul Adamah is doing with BokoYout, what Hawsoon is doing with Porta Au Mansa, Paul Edwards with his incredible shoots, Bavé with his amazing music, Selam Fessahaye with her designs, Adjani with Stockholm Dance Agency, Nelly with Imaskopi, Vedad with his crazy work ethic for his store Hypestein, and Noah and his team’s work for GAMMA Studion. The list goes on and I’m just happy to see what everyone is doing because we all inspire each other by just doing.

My favourite weekend routine: 

— It’s to get up before 10, work out, go get stuff for breakfast, go back home to make my juice that is essential along with my breakfast, and then watch a movie or a series. After that, I can do whatever because those first hours make me ready for anything, I can go for dinner at a nice restaurant, meet with friends, go do a shoot, or do a DJ set — it doesn’t matter as long as I start the day right.

My favourite cultural spot:

— I would say any suburb of Stockholm. The media calls it no-go zones. But there are no places with more culture in Stockholm than our suburbs. I love the variety of different cuisines, friendly faces, and kiosks.

My favourite excursion:

— I love hop-on-hop-off buses because you see a lot in a short amount of time. A couple of years ago I went on the Ocean Bus with my mother. It’s a bus that takes you around the beautiful Stockholm — which I many times forget is very beautiful as I see it every day — and ends up going in the water. And, all of a sudden it’s a boat that takes you on a cruise on our beautiful waters.

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting:

Alma has a really calming effect on me, which is a necessity when I’m in a meeting. I can be there for hours without feeling trapped, working on everything from designs, mood boards for shoots, and putting together looks for clients that I style.

Alma workplace.

My favourite breakfast place:

— As mentioned, I love making breakfast at home, it gives me peace of mind before starting my day. But if I have to choose a spot I would go for Petrus at Mariatorget. 

My favourite place for dining out:

— As my taste palette evolves for each year, I have new favourite places for dining all the time. Right now, I love Svartengrens. The food is mad, the selection of wine is impeccable, and the music is not the regular restaurant music which makes the vibe in the dining room something else. Främmat is also one of my new favourites.

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:

Kevin Mukuri. He’s a designer whose creativity is out of this world. Sometimes, when I’m booked as a stylist for a project and I can’t find the piece I’m looking for, I can just describe what I need and Kevin makes it from scratch in a day. Jacob Skragge at All Blues is another person I truly admire. His visions and ideas are inspiring. He is also generous with his time for up-and-coming creatives. After my first meeting with him, I often catch myself thinking when in doubt: ”What would Jacob do?”

My favourite route for a run or walk: 

— I live close to the water in Skanstull, so just going down to the water and walking around Södermalm on a sunny day makes my day.

My favourite hotel for a staycation:

Hotel Frantz is a boutique hotel located in Slussen. The hospitality and service are fantastic, the breakfast is amazing, and the rooms are super cozy. Although it is close to pretty much everything on Södermalm and the city, the insanely comfortable beds made me not want to leave the room for my whole stay.

My favourite place for fashion:

ettresex, a concept by Emilian Minas and Marcus Winter located on Åsögatan. They carry a huge selection of clothes and footwear within different segments such as the very rare Pastelle jacket (Kanye West’s unreleased brand), Prada, Balenciaga, and handpicked vintage pieces from all over the world. I always find something that I can’t get my mind of after going there.

My favourite space for great design: 

— I love Nordiska Galleriet, everything they carry is what I love within interior design. 

Nordiska Galleriet.

My favourite local media:

— I’m bad at reading magazines, I usually go for photo books. But my favourite social media account is @alexurombi

My favourite example of tech innovation in Stockholm: 

— Something I’m super geeked by right now is what Urbanista has done with their new overhead earphones. They have a solar panel on the top of the earphones which makes them charge by themselves in sunlight or indoors under normal light as well. 

The Urbanista Los Angeles that transforms all kinds of light into power.

My favourite thing at home: 

— I love staying in, I’m what many people would call a home person and I feel very lucky being able to curate my home together with my girlfriend Tina as it’s really important for me that our home is visually appealing. The correct feng shui for me to relax is essential. As of now, I love our living room, we refurnish the room every now and then and now I feel like it’s perfect.