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MANND creates AR fashion show for design students
MANND and VIA University College have made a collaboration for Copenhagen fashion week.
3 Feb 2021

The danish creative XR company MANND that specializes in AR and VR for art and business has collaborated with VIA university college program for design and business and developed SUSTAIN:AR. Sustain:ar is an application and an evolvement from their collaboration last year. The app uses AR so that the user can see the designs made by the VIA students in 3D through their phones. It was launched in January 2021 on iOS app store. Sustain:ar offers a virtual fashion show for Copenhagen fashion week and makes it available for anyone to take part of the 17 young graduate designers from VIA Design and Business work.

The models and clothes have been scanned through photogrammetry creating a hyper photorealistic expression, and places within artistic virtual environments. In the app the user can choose between five different virtual worlds and then see it in their real environment through AR. Users can click on each model and they will hear the designers themselves present their work and an additional lookbook will also appear.

To capture the moments users can use the camera and video function within the app and save pics to their carmeraroll or share on social media. The app has been developed by MANND and is compatible with iPhone.