The Lucid Air is the worthy opponent to Tesla we’ve been waiting for
Most of the new electric vehicle's specs put Tesla's ditto to shame.
15 Sep 2020

We often hear other car companies compare themselves to EV giant Tesla, and some even want to beat Tesla at its own game. Silicon Valley-based Lucid Motors is arguably the first real contender to put their money where its mouth is. Their latest sedan, the Lucid Air, boasts some impressive specs. The 32-kilometer-per-minute charge rate and a total range of 832 kilometers mean that you can fully charge the battery in just under 26 minutes, if you can find a fast charger. The fast-charging matches the car’s fast speed, with an acceleration from 0 to 96 kmh (60mph) at two and a half seconds.

The Air’s starting price is just below 80,000 USD and is set to hit North American roads by spring 2021. For the rest of the world, the company has not released specific release information. The car can be reserved for customers across the US and Canada, as well as ”selected countries in Europe and the Middle East” for those who can pitch in a1000 USD refundable deposition.