Luke Edward Hall’s capsule for GANT is both exuberant and contemporary
An eclectic collaboration that combines the best of American sportswear and traditional English wardrobe principles.
15 Oct 2020

The London-based artist is a master of design and dressing with a curious and playful approach to color and materials. The latter can be seen in the beautiful interiors that he creates, as well as in his sartorial choices, as seen in the coming GANT capsule. It includes felt patches of his own drawings to attach to lapels, while shirts are printed or embroidered with sketches of his home and the surrounding countryside. References range from the works of Italian Renaissance painter Filippino Lippi, to the daffodils that grow outside Luke’s cottage.

Inspired by weekends in the English countryside, the collection offers a wide range of clothes and accessories for men and women. From sweaters and tweed coats for stalking through fields, to 1970s-inspired velvet suits and silk shirts for candlelit dinners, Luke’s colorful and unique aesthetic is infused into every piece.

— I was also inspired by pieces in the brilliant GANT archive and looked to my own wardrobe of bold patterned knitwear and vintage tailoring. The look is very English, both practical and elegant, with striking color combinations and playful touches, he says.

— The preppy fashion revival pairs perfectly with Luke’s extraordinary sense of color and composition. We’ve taken ideas from vintage pieces and our archive and merged them with modern silhouettes and punchy color combinations for a contemporary look that’s something new for GANT. This collection truly captures the essence of Luke’s vision, says GANT Global Artistic Director, Christopher Bastin.

The collection will be available online and in GANT flagship stores in select markets from November 5.