Less Fashion launches circular-as-a-service solution to enable easier clothing rental
The new Danish fashion-tech company meets the rising demand for rentable pieces with a plug-in solution for e-commerce platforms.
9 Aug 2023

In a significant move towards sustainability, tech startup Less Fashion, founded by entrepreneur Drita Memisi (pictured) in 2022, has developed a plug-in solution that integrates a rental module into e-commerce webshops. This new tech tool will enable fashion brands to join the circular fashion movement, allowing consumers to both buy and rent clothing items.

Less Fashion’s rental plugin is designed to alleviate the time and cost-consuming task of developing in-house rental solutions, a challenge many major brands have faced and abandoned. The customizable ’Rent’ button adds a new dimension to online shopping, expanding consumer choices and contributing to the green transition.

CEO Drita Memisi elaborates on the initiative:

— With Less Fashion’s plugin solution, we can democratize fashion and give more space to the green transition. Many of the biggest brands have already tried to integrate a rental solution into their webshops, but have had to give up as it is too time and cost-consuming.

Launched this month, Less Fashion’s circular tech solution is a welcomed fashion-tech initiative to stir up the long-standing dominance of the fast fashion industry. The integration of rental modules handled directly by brands themselves signifies a new era in fashion, demonstrating synergy between style and sustainability.