Leading provider launches virtual fashion try-on service to create lifelike representation of the user
Not only can it set retailers apart in a competitive market but also be a valuable tool for driving customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.
1 Mar 2024

This week, Anthropics, leaders in virtual fashion try-on technology, announced the launch of Zyler Virtual Try-On for Menswear. It’s an AI-powered virtual try-on solution for fashion brands and retailers that allows their customers to try on clothing in just a few simple steps. Zyler was created by London-based Anthropics Technology, an AI technology solutions company and the world leader in AI clothing software.  It aims to enhance the way consumers shop for clothes, providing a realistic virtual try-on experience. The customer uploads a headshot, enters some measurements, and then sees themselves on the screen wearing the outfit. 


According to Anthropics, Zyler’s fashion retail partners have seen an increase in browsing time and higher engagement among other positive outcomes. It can be used as an in-store installation as well as online.

— We believe that Zyler will transform the way men shop for clothes online. By combining advanced artificial intelligence technology with a user-friendly interface, we aim to provide an unparalleled virtual try-on experience, Alexander Berend, CEO of Anthropics, comments.