Launches we like: May
Our summary of last month’s beauty launches includes an NFC innovator in fragrance, LED to boost confidence, ”expensive-looking” hair, next-gen vegan supplements, and more.
13 Jun 2024

The NFC innovator

Tara Derakshan, the creator of Swedish scent-discovery platform SNIPH, has just launched conscious perfume house NEH. Inspired by an introspective journey as part of a sacred plant ceremony already back in 2019, the brand merges master perfumery and mindfulness, in collaboration with the renowned perfumers at Flair Paris.

— Our first collection of scents aims to enrich your life with the essence of a sacred ceremony — a moment to connect to yourself — and each scent is paired with thoughtfully composed affirmations and mood-enhancing sounds.

And you’ve also integrated NFC technology into this first drop.

— Yes, I’ve always been passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in perfumery. By integrating NFC technology, we are not only at the forefront of innovation but also reshaping the way people experience fragrance. It offers an interactive experience that entertains, informs, and enhances the user’s journey with each scent — a thrilling blend of art and technology aiming to set new industry standards. 

Scaling up biobased alternative to petrochemical-based ingredients

Petrochemical ingredients in personal care formulations can cause environmental pollution, and have been linked to potential health risks and human consumption of microplastics. Reports suggest the beauty industry could stand to lose around €12 billion due to the EU microplastics ban and US restrictions on PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals.”

Danish biotech startup Cellugy has responded to this challenge by developing a unique platform technology that harnesses the power of bacteria, leveraging cellulose-producing microorganisms to produce high-purity, crystalline cellulose to replace petrochemical-based ingredients. The first-of-its-kind fermentation platform produces high-performing dry cellulose from the bioconversion of sugar. The company just raised €4,9M in seed funding to scale up production of its sustainable, biobased alternative, called EcoFLEXY. It’s a so-called drop-in alternative and can be particularly attractive to cosmetics manufacturers as it is easily scalable, fits within standard equipment, and can be used in existing infrastructures.

ecoFLEXY by Cellugy.

LED to boost confidence

Young entrepreneur Alma Faringer Hultberg has a background as a professional ballet dancer and explains that modern dance has taught her the value of patience and dedication. 

— Beauty, just like dance, requires continuous care and dedication. It is this realisation that inspired me to found Sisóne Beauty at the age of 25, she says.

The brand was born from a passion for natural beauty and a belief in lasting skin care similar to exercise for the body — both require persistence and regularity to create results. The first product, Pro LED Light Therapy Mask, is scientifically proven to reduce signs of aging and improve skin health over time. It aims to go away from disposable products and focus on more sustainable ones that last.

— We let innovation and care come together to create a beauty experience that not only changes your skin but also boosts your confidence, says Faringer Hultberg.

Sisóne Beauty.

A co-created targeted skincare line for Gen Z

Finnish NBI Nordic Beauty Inc. is known as a distributor of international and domestic beauty brands in the Nordics and Europe. The company also runs in-house brand Nobe and, since a few weeks ago, also Scandy. Just like Nobe, the debuting range is inspired by the Nordic region — both in terms of values and ingredients. It is designed to meet the needs of young skin and has been developed together with young people. The six products come with a candy scent and bold, meaningful messages.

— Scandy is committed to promoting a sense of community, and with the brand, we want to create a community for young people where everyone can be themselves, says Johanna Rönkkö, CEO of NBI Nordic Beauty Inc Oy.


A modern conversation around aging

Instead of the often-used anti-aging ideals, leading Norwegian skincare brand Elixir Cosmeceuticals wants to embrace aging with positivity. So, the company has curated the Pro-Age Collection, a range of products designed to accompany the skin’s evolution through the ageing process and nurturing vitality and luminosity. The four products are formulated with nourishing and revitalising ingredients such as Resveratrol, NMN, and Vitamin C, supporting the skin’s innate resilience and radiance. The line includes the 2 in 1 Refining Cleansing Milk which the brand describes as ”likely the first cleansing milk that gently removes even waterproof eye makeup”.

Elixir Cosmeceuticals.

A response to the rise of green hair care

One of Scandinavia’s leading hairdressing chains in green hair care, Green Heads, just launched its in-house brand as a response to the growing demand for conscious hair care products. The first 13 products are manufactured in Sweden and focus on active ingredients, results, and creative expression. 

— We have been very careful with both ingredients and function. The idea to ​​create a system where a smaller number of products can be combined and create more areas of use, allow for tailoring the products. Maximum creativity without having to have the entire bathroom cabinet full of products, says Maria Cruseman, co-founder and Creative Director.

Green Heads.

Gents x Di Ser

For its 20th anniversary, leading Scandinavian etailer Gents has teamed up with Japanese niche brand Di Ser for the launch of the limited-edition perfume Kamikura. In Japanese culture, Kamikura is a sacred place that is considered the home of gods and spiritual beings. The fragrance’s main expression is purity and it opens with lime, yuzu, and balsamic pine, followed by lavender and vetiver, and, finally, to oakmoss, cypress, patchouli, and oud. A mix of Di Ser’s typical Japanese roots and a classic European-style woody perfume, plus ”a nod to Swedish nature and purity culture”.

Gents x Di Ser.

Italian consciousness

Right in time for summer, the award-winning Hydramemory line by Comfort Zone, focusing on moizture, is now expanding to body care. Hydramemory Body Lotion restores the skin’s moisture level and strengthens the skin barrier. It has a light texture and gives a silky feel. The INCI includes the extract of a desert plant — Prickly Pear — that thrives in the harshest environments, which comes from a regenerative organic agriculture cultivation in southern Italy. The eco-conscious Italian brand has also launched a mist with SPF in its popular sun series Sun Soul. Comfort Zone Sun Soul Protective Mist comes with a simple and effective application and is gentle, both on the body and for oceans and water ecosystems.

Comfort Zone.

An oil for improved skin health

Swedish skincare brand LUCEO presents Silky Smooth Body Oil, a calming oil designed to provide hydration, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin for a silky smooth and radiant glow. Committed to promoting skin health, the lightweight and fast-absorbing formula includes sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, CBD, Arnica Montana Flower, and Vitamin E.

— We hear our customers asking for another body product that rimes well with the rest of the products, and what could be better than a soothing everyday body oil just in time for summer? Andreas Bergh, Co-founder, asks.


Next-gen vegan supplements

Holistic has developed and innovated a wide range of premium supplements with easily absorbed ingredients based on the latest research for more than 20 years. Last month, the company dropped Holistic Femme Collagen — a vegan collagen supplement with high bioavailability and scientifically proven effect. It’s formulated with VeCollal, one of the world’s first scientifically proven vegan alternatives to collagen. VeCollal is formulated and developed in collaboration with experts in biomaterials and tissue engineering. The effect is supported by its ingredients which are scientifically proven in over 70 independent studies. It has an amino acid profile identical to human collagen type 1 and provides proportions to naturally build collagen in the body. The product is also enriched with hyaluronic acid and comes with a taste of grapefruit.


“A luminous glow makes skin look irresistible”

The words are François Nars, Founder and Creative Director, NARS Cosmetics, on the launch of the new Sweet Sensations Collection — Afterglow Delight. As the name suggests, the focus of the new lineup is on indulgent formulas and sultry shades to ”fulfil any colour craving”. The hybrid formulas in Liquid Blush, Sensual Shine Lipstick, and Irresistible Eyeshadow Palette are infused with skin-caring benefits, such as Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin E.

NARS Cosmetics.

A richer hair

Color Wow has added the light, nutrient-rich, and hydrating leave-in conditioner Money Mist to its popular range, to provide glossy, ”expensive-looking” hair. Proprietary Baolyzed Amino Complex, which includes extract that penetrates and locks in hydration, and marine botanicals shall moisturise and renew elasticity for longer, luminous, healthier-looking hair. The key ingredients have also been chosen to protect hair cuticles and help prevent breakage.

Color Wow.

A scent of Swedish summer

Beauty brand Löwengrip celebrates the arrival of the warmer days with a blooming special edition signed artist Clara Hallencreutz. The limited edition Good To Go – Dry Shampoo Floral Art x Clara Hallencreutz is Clara’s tribute to Swedish summer: adorned with dreamy fantasy plants to add an eyecatching detail to the bathroom shelf and scented with white flowers, jasmine, and verbena. 

— When painting the design, I thought it was fun to create a dreamlike fantasy plant based on several different flowers based on real flowers but with a twist: a sunflower becomes purple and grey instead of yellow and brown, says Hallencreutz.

Löwengrip x Clara Hallencreutz.

Bringing the sun home

The sun makes us feel better. Using red light therapy offers the opportunity to ”bring the sun home”, which is exactly what Swedish entrepreneur Fredrik Paulún is aiming for. His brand, Nutrilight, just launched the near-infrared lamp The Campfire, using scientifically proven wavelengths of near-infrared light with a power output of 1500 watts. Research shows that near-infrared light (NIR) penetrates 15 cm into the body, providing energy to the cells and various health benefits, such as faster recovery after exercise and a reduction of inflammation.