In 2011, Woodin, a chemist by education, met a man by the name of Zein Obagi. The two connected and he wanted Rick to come in and lead his innovation process when following his vision for skin health restoration in the, back then, brand new skincare brand, ZO Skin Health.

In a little bit over a decade, how has the brand changed?

— Pretty dramatically. When I started, we basically weren’t very well-known. What I think we did differently is that we’re going through the ideation process and trying to pioneer, breaking the technological barriers to deliver skin health in a way that’s never been done before. We operate from the firm belief of: ’build it, and they will come’; innovate it in a way that’s going to break the barriers.

Key takeaways

Carrer will sell through limited capsule collection drops. (Courtesy)

”Ultimately, it’s the customers who shape the future — brands must inspire them to make the right choices”

Kenneth P. Pucker is a professor of practice at the Tufts Fletcher School. Ken worked at Timberland for 15 years and served as chief operating officer from 2000 to 2007.

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