KONST — our new podcast on contemporary and future art
Scandinavian MIND is adding a new show to the podcast roster, premiering on Wednesday, March 9.
8 Mar 2022

The host of KONST is Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar, Editor-at-large at Scandinavian MIND. In time for Wednesday’s premiere, we ask Roland to explain the ins and outs of the new show.

Hey, tell us about KONST, the new podcast about art!

— I’m very excited about KONST. It’s a show about contemporary and future art; the interconnection with society, culture, technology, finance and lifestyle. There is an opportunity to approach the world of art, not only from the aesthetic point of view but to place it in a larger context. Art plays an important role for humanity and is multi-faceted. 

Can you already share what tomorrow’s pilot episode will feature?

— I will let the listeners discover the first episode of KONST by themselves, but I’m very happy to have Michael Elmenbeck joining me as co-host and Destinee Ross-Sutton as a guest. Both signify the freshness of what I want KONST to be about, more leaning towards the future and not so much dwelling in the past.

And what about the Scandinavian perspective?

— KONST will primarily look at the art world from a Scandinavian perspective, although taking into account the global arena of artists, exhibitions, trade fairs and other current events. It’s impossible to stay super local in the world today, all systems are interconnected globally. Scandinavian artists, gallerists and collectors are also taking more space and this is worth covering.

What will every episode offer the listeners?

— In most of the episodes I will invite a co-host to bring some alternative perspectives, both offering seasoned out views on the world of art, but also participating in interviewing a guest. I believe this is where we gradually will see the format develop, there is room for longer format conversations with inspiring guests and also more focus on trends and insights.

Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar.