Wellness innovation in Paris
We travel to the French capital for the famous interior design trade show Maison&Object, where there is a strong push towards wellness. We explore what it means with leading voices.
25 Jan 2024

In this episode we hear from:
Laurence Carr, founder and CEO of circular design firm Laurence Carr Inc
Brune Ouakrat, Strategic Planner & Perspectivist, at the trend agency Peclers Paris
Mallory Huron, Beauty & Wellness Strategist, Fashion Snoops also a leading trend agency.

We talk about:
* Why every brand needs to think about wellness
* Material innovations transforming the traditional design sector
* The next technologies that will transform the beauty and wellness industry 

Konrad Olsson, editor-in-chief and founder, Scandinavian MIND. 
Johan Magnusson, senior editor, Scandinavian MIND