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Step into our North office

Photography TRY NEW THINGS
3 Apr 2024

The art department of Scandinavian MIND, along with its agency operations, is strategically located in Umeå, nestled in the northern region of Sweden. The studio serves as the base for our creative director, Erik Olofsson Haavikko. Collaborating alongside his esteemed colleague, illustrator, designer and art director extraordinarie, Hugo Sundkvist. Driven by a shared commitment to recognizing the pivotal role of interior design in shaping brand experiences they have meticulously crafted a haven for deep work within the confines of a refurbished print workshop. 

Tableware by Alessi.
Vase, Studio Reiser x Arranging Things.
Tables, Flounder by Magniberg.
The book shelfs are bespoke built and inspired by letterpress type drawers.
Photography and retouch by Pär Olofsson / Try New Things