The Virtual Creatives
Inside Scandinavia’s first permanent physical gallery for NFT art
”Physical galleries give digital artists the same recognition traditional artists have”, explains the Norwegian NFT gallerist Sophia Adampour.
15 Aug 2023

The artisan: Sophia Adampour is a 24-year-old art gallerist born in Norway and currently based in Oslo — and the metaverse. She’s the owner of ’verse gallery, a physical NFT gallery in Oslo and the first one of its kind in the Nordics.

— I’m passionate about making technology more accessible to everyone. Physical galleries provide a space for people to come together and appreciate the beauty of digital art, thereby giving digital artists the same recognition traditional artists have.

The platform: Besides the phygital art exhibitions at the gallery, ’verse also acts as a web3 innovation hub to promote innovation and the development of decentralised applications and protocols — strategically located close to Oslo Metropolitan University. This has resulted in a production studio and podcasts, with Instagram, Twitter, and Discord as distribution channels.

— Through Discord, we are able to connect with web3 users and foster collaboration. We find this to be an invaluable resource for creating opportunities for conversation and exchange.

The toolbox: For Sophia and ’verse, the networking tools need to be sharpened and ready to go at all times.

How have you learned to master the world of NFTs and blockchain technology?

— By acquiring hands-on experience interacting with the technology in combination with researching different applications and protocols. Discord and Twitter are great platforms to learn and connect in this space. We can also use NFT communities that ’verse is a part of, such as BAYC and DaemonVerse.

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