Guide / Oslo
”In Oslo, you are perfectly able to combine mountain climbing, an ocean swim, and a dancefloor swing in a day”
On seaside trails and ”tall people’s clubs” in a booming capital
8 Apr 2022

In 2015, 192 cm tall childhood friends Steffensen and Liabø got tired of not fitting into the standard sizes of the fashion industry and founded MediumTall. After spending all their savings on T-shirts specifically tailored for tall men, business started growing and the brand now has a full range of clothes for men above average. A few weeks ago, it was finally the tall ladies’ turn. The women’s line was launched in Norway and will be followed by a big international launch this summer.

MediumTall’s new women’s line.

For someone who hasn’t been to Oslo, how’d you describe the city?

— It’s still a compact and small ’big city’, although it is fast-growing with new innovative architecture, museums, and neighbourhoods. Oslo is surrounded by the fjord. The scenic harbour is perfect for exploring the city by foot or bike.

Our favourite thing that makes us proud of Oslo: 

— In the last couple of years, Oslo has had an increased focus on being a green city, which means less cars, pedestrian- and bike-friendly areas and more parks. 

Photography: Visit Oslo / Didrick Stenersen.

Our favourite weekend routine: 

— Oslo has the perfect mix of city life, fjords, and mountains. That means you are perfectly able to combine mountain climbing, an ocean swim, and a dancefloor swing in a day, which we all do every weekend.

Our favourite cultural spot:

— We love going to concerts. Being tall, our favourite spot is in the back where we don’t block anyone, usually in front of a pole or the sound booth. 

Our favourite hidden gem:

— We are especially fond of places with high ceilings. The mausoleum of Emanuel Vigeland is a kept secret and is totally magical. It is a dark, barrel-vaulted room covered with fresco paintings and the high ceiling creates spectacular acoustics. 

The mausoleum of Emanuel Vigeland.

Our favourite place for dining out:

— We really like the concept of Restaurant Rest which turns food waste into fine dining. Their food is also incredible.

Our favourite place for a creative or business meeting:

— We strive to keep our creative workshops outside our office. Our favourite place is a small cabin on one of the many islands in the Oslofjord.

Our favourite breakfast place:

— Before going full time with MediumTall, we usually met early mornings, before our day jobs, to work and eat breakfast. Tranen is a perfect place to do so, with its historical building and great bakery.


Our favourite excursion:

— At MediumTall we have at least one excursion a month where we go outside and focus on other things besides work. Our favourite spots are in Nordmarka, where we find a mountain top to climb.

Our favourite local entrepreneur or creative we want to promote:

— We are fond of concepts that stand out. Our CMO Matilde Brandt is part of the duo behind Klesarven — a Nesodden based brand that recreates historical fashion from the Viking Age, with a modern touch. The people of the Viking Age surely knew a lot about fabrics, weaving techniques, and redesign.

Our favourite hotel for a staycation: 

— We feel at home at high altitudes, so what is better than sleeping in Norway’s tallest building? Oslo Plaza stands out above all other buildings in the city, just as we like it.

Our favourite route for a run or walk: 

— Our office is on a peninsula named Fornebu, just outside Oslo, with seaside trails that are perfect to run or walk followed by a swim. 

Closeness to nature? Check. Photography: Visit Oslo / Didrick Stenersen.

Our favourite place for fashion:

— Growing up, we soon discovered that we did not fit into the standard sizes in fashion, and with MediumTall we have spent years making clothes with perfect fit for any occasion.

Our favourite space for great design: 

— Oslo is booming! We’re excited about all the shops and restaurants in Bjørvika and the new Munch Museum. We are also awaiting the launch of two new landmarks: the new National Museum and art deco style hotel Sommero which are currently being developed. There are lots of little galleries and independent shops all over the city. Shops like Norway Designs and f5 have just relaunched in new formats, and both are promoting Norwegian design.

Our favourite local media:

— The group De Høyes Klubb (The tall people’s club) is a great source of insights for us, where tall people share product requests, challenges, and advantages of being above average. 

Our favourite thing at home: 

— We both live next to the beach, where we go swimming — almost — all year around.

Munch Museum. Photography: Visit Oslo / Didrick Stenersen.