Guide / Stockholm
”I’m proud of the people here, they give a lot to this city!”
On the best spots for second-hand, natural wine, and pizza
9 Jun 2021

Besides being a DJ, promoter, and record label owner, Johanna Schneider is also the booker and communications manager at Stockholm based outdoor nightclub Trädgården. Trädgården is the biggest nightclub in Sweden, and in a non-pandemic world, the summertime club is notoriously busy and in many ways a true Stockholm institution.

This summer though, the club has adapted to the ongoing Covid restrictions and has renamed to Mellangården and gone for other initiatives to reach out with music and joy. One of them is adidas Club Run, a series of digital running classes solely for women and non-binary participants with a live DJ-set from Schneider herself.

— It’s an initiative we’re doing together with adidas to make you excited to run to live music while being coached by a pro! So far it’s been amazing, with a lot of magical attendees, coaches and music! Our last run is on Wednesday so make sure to sign up, you’ll be in for a treat, Johanna says.

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Stockholm: 

Daytime Sessions at Trädgården. And the people. The people I know give a lot to this city!

My favourite weekend routine: 

Dropping by Sebastien på Söder for some locally produced goodies and their amazing bread, a quick stop at Humana Second Hand and then grounding for a night of dancing at Trädgården with some natural wine and pizza at 800 grader Södermalm. 

My favourite cultural spot:


My favourite place for dining out:

Matateljen in Enskede for sure.

My favourite breakfast place:

Croissant with gruyere and scramble eggs at Pascal, but I make the best breakfast at home. 

My favourite city escape:

My best friend Calles country house in Gräsö outside of town. If you can afford to go to Yasuragi you should. 

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:

Alvaro Ovalle and Artur Amoghli at Reimersholme Hotel! They have an amazing wine bar.

My favourite route for a run or walk: 

Around Årstaviken. I work close by so it’s the perfect place to clear your mind. 

My favourite place for fashion:

Humana Second Hand.

My favourite space for great design: 

Facebook marketplace!

My favourite example of tech innovation in Stockholm: 

Gather Festival.

My favourite local media:

Experimental Magazine.

My favourite thing at home: 

My pasta machine!!! I could marry that thing!