Ilenia Martini on the state of Design Weeks
Season 2, Episode 4.
22 Sep 2021

Ilenia Martin, our editor-at-large within design and communication, discusses the official return of the physical design week post lockdown restrictions. She recently attended the 3DaysofDesign in Copenhagen, and shares in this podcast how she thinks the future design week might look like, and what the design industry has learned from the last year and a half-long pandemic.

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In this conversation, Ilenia also talks about:

If 3DaysofDesign is actually three days long.

Is this the resurrection of physical design weeks?

Being able to feel and touch design pieces again.

How the design industry seems to have gone back where it left off.

Is the design industry doing enough within innovation and sustainability?

Injecting the design industry into the metaverse.

Interdisciplinary collaborations.

Examples of fashion brands venturing into design, and vice versa.

The design industry unwillingness to experiment digitally.