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Hologram circuses, lab-grown wood and CO2 perfume
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5 Mar 2021

1. 7 ways for firms to revise marketing strategies not to be left behind, as people are ready to reconnect with clients in the real world — The Monocle Minute On Design

2. Cruelty-Free Circus Uses Holograms Instead of Real Animals — Interesting Engineering

3. University takes first steps in producing lab-grown wood — Springwise

4. Honda launches world’s first level 3 self-driving car — Nikkei Asia

5. Money is pouring into carbon capture tech, but challenges remain — CNBC/Youtube

6. Move over, Uber. I want to ride on this tiny trolley — Fast Company

7. Used cotton clothing can be turned into nylon or ethanol — Warp News

8. Aspekt Office designs bright white store with “Nordic atmosphere” for Chinese lifestyle brand — Dezeen

9. Coty Plans to Recycle Carbon Into Perfume — Business of Fashion

10. ‘Flying taxi’ startup Volocopter picks up another $241M, says service is now two years out — Tech Crunch

11. This Beyoncé-approved startup turns old clothes into trendy outfits — Fast Company