Guide / Art In Copenhagen
”Copenhagen is a lovely place to create spontaneous experiences and just go with the flow”
On finding inspiration in a lively city
30 Apr 2021

Jens-Peter Brask is a Copenhagen-based art collector, publisher, and curator. Brask started collecting art in 1993, originally just as a hobby whilst working as a restauranteur. But as the years passed, he became more and more interested in working full time with art, and seven years ago he sold his restaurant and began working as a curator. He and his team are keeping busy with new projects ranging from new publications, mural projects, curated exhibitions, and much more.

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Copenhagen:

I think Copenhagen as a city is open-minded in an inspiring way. The city is under constant development in so many good ways. All the new initiatives that are being made, are uniting the city in a harmonious way. I think this makes Copenhagen desirable for the many people living here, but also for the many tourists that visit each year.

When it comes to the art scene, Copenhagen is a unique place for art and culture-related experiences. The city contains so many interesting cultural places from galleries, museums, public art, art centres, and much more. The city presents itself as vibrant and energetic, and I would describe it as a place that contains a little bit of everything. I think that the many galleries and institutions here are making a great effort to continue to present new and experimenting exhibitions, which is something I am very grateful for.

A DabsMyla mural. Photography: Henrik Haven

My favourite weekend routine:

My weekend routine is focused on taking time off from work and concentrate on my family. I love having an empty agenda and then still somehow end up in different places. For me, Copenhagen is a lovely place to create spontaneous experiences and just go with the flow. My weekdays are always very busy from morning to evening, and I, therefore, prefer my weekends to be open. I don’t know what I want to do in 3 weeks, it can change so rapidly for me so I love being able to follow my gut. This is a great contrast for me, as it allows me to have a tight week schedule and then a much more loose weekend agenda.

My favourite cultural spot:

The area around Refshaleøen is a unique pearl in the city centre. The small area is surrounded by water and contains a wide range of cultural, musical, and culinary experiences. I love the summer season where Refshaleøen presents events such as Copenhell, which is Denmark’s largest rock and metal festival. In the summertime, Refshaleøen turns into an urban oasis, and especially La Banchina is one of my favourite places to be.

La Bachina at Refshaleøen. Photography: Daniel Rasmussen / Visit Copenhagen

My favourite Danish artist:

The first artwork I ever acquired for my collection was by Michael Kvium, and I still believe he is the most talented contemporary artist we have in Denmark.

My favourite Copenhagen gallery:

There are so many great places but Nils Stærk is my favourite gallery in Copenhagen. For so many years Nils Stærk has presented a beautiful program and hosted so many interesting exhibitions. I am always looking forward to visiting the gallery because I know I always become inspired after having been there.

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting:

For this, I would always prefer my own office, Brask HQ.

My favourite city escape:

I am very fond of cycling which is my way of getting a city escape. It gives me a certain calmness and I am happy to have this unique escape space. I put my phone away and then it’s just a matter of following the roads, which often results in my exploration and discovery of new places I hadn’t seen before. This is a great way for me to explore the beautiful natural surroundings that encircle Copenhagen.

Cycling in Copenhagen. Photography: Martin Heiberg / Visit Copenhagen.

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:

The Danish multi-talent Le Gammeltoft is a local entrepreneur and creative I would like to promote. She is a radio host, DJ, and CEO of the digital media Heartbeats that she founded in 2014. Heartbeats is a modern digital media that creates content in sound, video, and text. As a person, Le has an incredible history, and she is such an inspiring entrepreneur who always finds new and interesting ways to present cultural content.

My favourite hotel for a staycation:

I would definitely recommend Hotel Ottilia.

My favourite space for great design:

Etage Projects is a Copenhagen-based art and design gallery that specializes in cross-field between art and design. Etage projects present unique designs by some of the most interesting artists, and this is a place of inspiration for me. It is interesting to be presented for innovative thinking in terms of design, art, and functionality.

My favourite local media:

The online media Magasinet KBH is my go-to reading. It presents a wonderful gathering of art, architecture, urban planning, and much more. Often I learn about new projects and initiatives that I didn’t know of before, and I think they are great in creating interesting content and well-written articles.

My favourite thing at home:

My home is my sanctuary where I can relax and re-charge after a busy day at work. It is a place where I and my family are together in a private atmosphere without interruptions, and this is very important for me. It is also the place in which some of my dearest works from The Brask Collection are hanging, and it brings me much joy to be surrounded by works that have a great affectionate value for me.

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