Form Us With Love’s new exhibition showcases how to design real change
The design studio identifies its own solutions to five major problems.
10 Dec 2020

Form Us With Love has been named in the top five of Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Design Companies for 2020. It’s also been shortlisted to this year’s top five design studios by Dezeen and has started its own ventures, BAUX and FORGO, to instigate change.

— I’d describe that our contribution to design is to show how sustainable ideas are genuinely commercial. Not just conceptual or symbolic, but truly implementable. To improve lives by making sustainability an everyday thing, tells Allon Libermann, Design Manager.

This winter, their exhibition Problems and accompanying book tap into five projects from the past five years with problems the studio is tackling and keen on solving — including how liquid soap is essentially bottled water (but it doesn’t have to be) and that all furniture eventually gets dumped — and their designed outcomes. With the ultimate goal being to design real change, it includes making a solution scalable, and ultimately initiate change across an entire industry.

— We put together this exhibition to make a point, that design thinking can be a part of the solution. We believe it’s important to bring this ambition into everything we do. So you see within the exhibition how all of the finished designs and polished surfaces start from defining a problem. We’ve curated each problem from where it originates to a final product. The thought process and rough prototyping along the way are clear to see for visitors. The book does much of the same thing. It shows how we go about designing solutions, says Libermann.

Problems runs at Landskrona Konstförening until January 10, 2021. The book is available on Papercut’s shelves and online at