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FOREO trains its customers to handle advanced LED technology devices
Another launch that is blurring the lines between professional and at-home treatments.
21 Jun 2023

FAQ Swiss is a new brand under the FOREO umbrella, focusing on aging with the help of a powerful fusion of professional and home beauty. It targets a group of savvy end consumers who are used to clinical beauty treatments to target signs of aging.

— The name of the brand comes from that we have learned that most customer-related questions are anti-aging related, Emmanuelle Boman, who handles PR & Marketing at FOREO Nordics from the Stockholm HQ, tells us. We decided to develop a brand dedicated to treating the skin in a preventive way to slow down the aging process, to control how you age.

According to Boman, this is the first time that the full strength of professional clinical machines has been turned into small handheld devices for people to use at home. The average person is not a trained esthetician, so how can it be safe to use?

— Our solution is to offer our customers professional training via our app to ensure a safe and effective way of performing clinical-level power, to access the full power of the devices.

This customised treatment that is tailored to suit the customer’s need suits very well in the bigger move towards the personalised skincare trend.

— One solution does not fit all, especially when it comes to skincare and aging, says Boman. We see a strongly increased demand for products within the anti-aging category, but also a need for solutions that can be performed at home, by the user when there’s time. Being able to offer an alternative to clinical is very appreciated, but this requires that the product actually provides an equivalent result. We know that frequency is required to achieve good results from many skin care treatments, which is rarely achievable if you perform them in-clinic. However, if you have access to a device in your home and are able to perform a treatment several times a week, you will likely achieve an even better result.

FAQ Swiss uses effective facial rejuvenation anti-aging technologies, such as EMS-Pro to firm and train facial muscles and Power-RF, powerful heated waves that tighten and contour the complexion. The newly launched 200 collection comes with an entirely new generation of lightweight LED light therapy face masks, provided with 600 light points boosting LED therapy in the form of up to 8 different wavelengths of light.

— The variation of light penetrates different layers of the skin, which has benefits in treating diverse skin concerns such as blemishes, dryness, and rosacea. The NIR-led light and red LED light penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, and combining both lights simultaneously delivers a powerful skin rejuvenating treatment as the lights stimulate the cells to kick-start our skin’s natural healing processes, which naturally will re-strengthen and revitalize the skin.

FAQ Swiss.

How will this technology develop onwards?

— We can expect more understanding of how LED lights work in our favour and forecast a big competition, so further exciting innovations can be expected from us.

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