Fendi launches its first luxury crypto wallet accessories line
The Italian fashion house set forth into web3 through collaboration with the digital asset platform Ledger.
18 Jan 2022

Fashion is about thinking forward, and Fendi had this in mind when launching a new kind of tech accessory during Milano Fashion Week. The collaboration was designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the creative director of accessories, menswear, and children at Fendi, and encapsulates the brand’s craftsmanship on pendant cases designed to be used in conjunction with Ledger’s Nano X digital wallets. 

Fendi look 5.

— Through this pioneering union, Fendi and Ledger acknowledge the limitless possibilities of Web 3.0 and the metaverse, ushering in a new generation of luxury and craftsmanship that bridges the physical and virtual worlds, said Silvia Venturini Fendi, adding:

— Recognising the creative and collaborative spirit of the crypto community, these first pieces offer a glimpse at a near future, where digital memories and collectables live hand-in-hand with tangible objets d’art.

Fendi Baguette pendant.

Currently, two versions of the hardware wallet cases have been revealed. The first one is reminiscent of the famous baguette bag, made in lightweight aluminium, a modern high-shine finish, and the signature Fendi buckle; the design opens to reveal a pocket where the digital wallet can be stored. The second one is created in the shape of the iconic O’Lock logo, designed by Venturini’s daughter Delfina Delettrez, which with the help of a hinge allows the user to store the device inside of it. Future versions of the polished aluminium design will include leather details, gold plating, among others. These accessories will be available for purchase from June 2022 on Fendi’s official website.

Fendi O’Lock pendant.