Exploring text-to-image AI, repairing clothing with ’retergent’, and our sitewide Helsinki takeover
Season 3, episode 23.
3 Jun 2022

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Thank you for tuning into the Scandinavian MIND weekly podcast! This time around we discuss:

The opportunities, and challenges, with text-to-image AI deep learning tech.

”Yosemite in a bowl of ramen” made with Wombo.
”Journalist making juice” made with Wombo.
”Alvar Aalto dancing” made with Wombo.

A face search engine anyone can use is alarmingly accurate.

How Biorestore’s innovative laundry solution restores and revives garments to a new state.

Key takeaways from our Transformation Conference in Helsinki, with insights from Dal Chodha, Wallpaper, and Yasmin Jones-Henry, Financial Times.

Our extensive guide to Helsinki from Artek store manager Annika Tammi.

With: Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-Chief & Founder and Erik Sedin, Junior Editor.