Enkei presents first lamp made of high-end fashion deadstock, waste, and 3D-printed fossil-free steel
The debut product brings new light to transforming waste in craftsmanship.
8 Feb 2024

The Stockholm-based circular startup, delves into material innovation and new circular production methods, aiming to create functional artefacts. The first product launched this week is the Reminder (001) lamp, which is designed with two contrasting geometric forms to sit within the space between art and function and is mainly composed of repurposed waste. It includes components like high-end fashion deadstock, discarded ventilation pipes, 3D-printed fossil-free steel, and the newly developed own material made from ceramic waste called ReCeramix. The latter is an alternative to traditional concrete that not only significantly reduces cement usage — a major contributor to emissions — but also keeps valuable resources in use. Instead of conventional sand, Enkei opts for ceramic waste from construction sites, aiming to tackle the issues associated with both sand mining and improper ceramic waste disposal. It also helps prevent potential soil and groundwater contamination, offering a comprehensive solution to waste reduction and landfill overflow.

— Our mission is to challenge today’s linear systems and unsustainable consumption patterns. We contribute by questioning, innovating, and sharing findings through new materials, production, and beautiful aesthetics, says Lovisa Sunnerholm, co-founder and CEO.

— We aim to transform the industry by making sustainable options more desirable, using branding influenced by fashion and art, where aesthetics serve as a means for change, says Miriam Bichsel, co-founder and Creative Director.

Lovisa Sunnerholm and Miriam Bichsel.