Innovations For Better Living
Design brand Verk takes local production one — big — step further
To achieve the label’s full ambition, they had to come up with rather unconventional solutions.
13 Sep 2021

As we see a clear rise in local production and raw materials in lifestyle products, there will always be those taking it one step further. And then, there’s Verk

Although co-founder Simon Anund met a lot of skepticism when he first started looking into the possibilities of manufacturing furniture locally, the Swedish company was launched during Stockholm Design Week earlier this year. All the products are produced in Sweden and made exclusively from Swedish raw materials — all the way from the texel wool used in all upholstered furniture (instead of plastic materials like polyurethane foam padding that often is used) to surface finish — without compromising on comfort or design. The label had to come up with rather unconventional solutions. 

— The screws that we use are made from Swedish steel. We teamed up with a precision mechanic company and developed our own, when there were no Swedish screws to buy. The same goes for many other components, unfortunately, says Lina Rocca, head of sales. 

The first collection includes designs by David Ericsson, Linn Fredlund, Mia Cullin, Joacim Wahlström, Nils Ahrenberg, and Gustav Winsth. 

— It has been extremely educational — not to mention challenging — to map the small manufacturing industry that still exists in Sweden. Hopefully, we can help bring about a change and encourage more players to think about how and where they produce their furniture, says Simon Anund. 

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