Curls are on the rise — new Maria Nila series aims to cater to this growing global movement
Also responding to shifting consumer behaviour, offering consumers to create a personalised routine.
5 Jul 2023

35% of the global population have varying degrees of curly or wavy hair. This has become a hair community on its own, as seen on TikTok and elsewhere, as well as a significant and growing segment of the haircare market.

— We’ve been seeing the increasing trend of taking care of our natural textures, says Petra Lundin, Head of Education, Maria Nila. Concepts like ’the curly girl method’ and ’curly journey’ have boomed in beauty forums, social media, and among professionals. In these communities, the routines have increased, and the techniques have become more complicated. However, curls don’t need a 12-step regimen, but the consumer needs to keep them moisturized, detangled, and defined to make sure they are at their peak.

Coils & Curls is Maria Nila’s latest launch with the ambition to make textured hair easy to wash, hydrate, and define. The care line comes with nourishing ingredients to hydrate and smooth throughout the washing and styling routine. The formulas are built upon a so-called Curl Guard Complex with hero ingredients such as shea butter and avocado and rosehip oil.

— We have had a large and comprehensive test process when developing, where both professionals and end-consumers have tested the products, ensuring that they work on all types of waves, curls, and coils, Lundin explains. She adds:

— We also believe that people long for healthy, beautiful hair that doesn’t have to be styled with heat tools every day.  

Coils & Curls.

The line’s conditioner, named Co-wash, doesn’t require shampoo. Similarly, a few months ago, Maria Nila launched boosters where no conditioner was needed afterwards. A sign of the times, it seems, with shifting consumer behaviour and less time in the bathroom. Petra Lundin addresses the opportunity for consumers to create their own routine.

— If the consumer is more comfortable with a faster routine, a Booster may be the go-to, while others may prefer to use it when travelling since it comes in a smaller format. The same goes for the Co-wash; for some curly hair, it is sufficient to both wash and moisture, while some require more nourishment and moisture.

— The Co-wash is a very gentle wash, but it still cleanses the hair. It has a PH 5-5,5, so a conditioner is not necessary. But since all curls require lots of moisture, and most curls want more, we recommend following up with a treatment.