Innovations For Better Living
CAKE is here to challenge the status quo for motorbikes
The high-performance electric motorbike company is obsessed with optimising quality and relevancy, says Ludvig Levén from the Nordic sales department.
21 Sep 2021

According to Levén, it’s both about delivering light, quiet, and clean electric off-road performance motorbikes and supporting the mission to inspire people towards a zero-emission society.

— We want to combine excitement with responsibility, he says. We’re obliged to a number of defined criteria in the areas of innovation, quality, performance, manufacturing, materials, and responsibility. Those criteria are constant and reflect everything we do in terms of operations, products, and communication. 

Last winter, the brand experienced their biggest PR hit to date, after receiving a request from and then delivering a custom-made yellow motorbike to Pharrell Williams, who shared it on his social media. This fall, together with Polestar, they’ll launch Re:Move, a small but multi-functional electric transporter for the city of the immediate future. 

How does Cake contribute to better living? 

— To promote the competence and guidance needed in terms of sustainability, in the areas of clean technology, ethical conduct, circularity, and life cycle perspective, to the benefit of people and the planet, CAKEworks is born. It gathers a variety of competencies to coach and lead processes at CAKE, to minimise footprint, now, and in the future, Levén shares, adding, 

— The beauty of being able to share the outdoors with respect, riding a bike without air or sound pollution, is a big step forward. That said, and progressively improving the cleanliness, there are of course additional dilemmas. Matters of safety and speed, sharing space, or the evident destruction of wheels grinding through the sensitive ground, are other aspects where we need to take responsibility.

This is #11 on our list with 25 Innovations for better living from Scandinavian MIND Issue 2

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