Byredo joins forces with design brand Elakform for new Byproduct launch — an homage to illusions
The limited-edition collaboration is based on a mutual love for the art of creation.
28 Oct 2021

With Byproduct, Byredo highlights creativity and finesse — always craft-oriented — spanning a broad breadth of pieces, from leather goods to eyewear, blankets to baskets.

— Byredo’s creative ambition of connecting with people comes in various forms — and I have never wanted to limit what those could be. Byproduct is a physical exploration of this belief, founder Ben Gorham explains.

Following up on partnerships with the likes of Nina Norgaard (Byproduct 24) and Birgitta Watz (25), Byproduct 29 is created together with Elakform artist Carl-Oscar Karlsson. Named The Stick Bug series, it features six hand-carved stools, crafted from solid ash wood sourced in the wild from the, striking, island of Öland, Sweden. The seats are hand-sculpted and treated with linseed oil. The legs are individually hand-carved and burnt, coloured in purple. The colour will shift and transform through light and movement. Each piece is unique and finished with a serial number, aiming to serve as a reminder that what you see is not always what you get — an homage to a life that is full of illusions.