Bernadotte & Kylberg: There’s room for a local premium home interior and accessories brand
The Swedish design duo looks back at a decade of designing for others when launching their first own product line.
10 Oct 2023

Since establishing their design studio in 2012, Bernadotte & Kylberg has collaborated with leading Scandinavian brands like Georg Jensen, Stelton, and Hästens. They’ve also worked on interior design projects in collaboration with, for instance, the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland. Now, Carl Philip Bernadotte and Oscar Kylberg are taking the next step with the launch of their own brand

— It’s the beginning of a new chapter for us — a new brand, our signature brand, and the next step in our studio’s history, producing our own collections, says Kylberg.

— When working for others, he continues, we integrate their brand history, values, and visions into our creative process. This time around, we’re entirely on our own. Factors such as mandated materials or adhering to a specific design style no longer come into play. Here, we are our own clients, focused solely on our essence.

The duo has further developed their graphic profile into a pattern used throughout the collection of scarves and throws in classic hues such as black, white, beige, and grey, together with accent colours. Presenting a collection that consists of textile-based products, the choice of materials is obviously a central factor in crafting the pieces.

— Fabric is all about texture, says Kylberg. So, we use Merino wool, cashmere, silk, and fine light wool — natural materials that become softer the more you use them.

According to him, it was time for a local premium brand in this segment.

— We’re hoping to find our space within everything. In Scandinavia and the Nordics, everything is a mix between what is practical and what is beautiful. We think that something becomes really premium when you use it a lot, for which you need to have really high quality and fine materials. By using that, it becomes a fine brand and a fine collection.

While the first collection focuses on products that lean towards fashion, the plan is to expand into other categories.

— We’re creating heirloom products that can be cherished for a long time and passed down through generations. Design-wise, this collection is a true expression of our DNA, which will be reflected in future collections as we expand into more products for the home, says Carl Philip Bernadotte.

Oscar Kylberg, you’ve been around for a decade now. How has the industry changed throughout the years?

— Today, I don’t think sustainability is a buzzword but something that we all care about for real and really understand the true importance of. Sustainable design comes hand in hand with that. We don’t have to produce everything. Previously, there’s been a lot of work with ideas rather than products. Now, it takes more time to get the products out — but maybe they’re also more thought-through, Kylberg concludes.