Beauty Innovation Talks: Science-backed beauty and the microbiome
Join us for an afternoon of insights and panel discussions about these two incoming megatrends.
9 Nov 2023

We’re gathering C-level executives, innovators, and industry representatives in beauty to discuss how science-backed beauty and the microbiome are prone to become megatrends. Join us for an afternoon of keynotes and panel talks at GT30 in central Stockholm.

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Grev Turegatan 30, Stockholm

22 November 2023

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15:00 Introduction 

Speaker: Konrad Olsson, Editor-In-Chief, Scandinavian MIND

15:05 Trend forecast: the state of science-backed beauty

In this keynote, we will deep-dive into key market drivers of science-backed beauty, and the advancement of microbiome-focused beauty as a new megatrend within this overarching trend.

Speaker: Johan Magnusson, Senior Editor, Scandinavian MIND

15:20 Panel discussion: The levers of success in the unfolding era of science-backed and microbiome-focused beauty

Science-backed beauty and the microbiome space are on the upswing, and it brings new obligations for brands, retailers, and laboratories alike as they build capabilities and try to attract audiences in a crowded market. Consumers now expect more than just the exclusion of certain ingredients; they demand products that truly work and that can prove it. Meeting this consumer demand means acquiring knowledge and capabilities related to regulatory, specific modes of action, ingredients, and more.


Lucas Nanini, Head of Europe & Asia, The Good Face
Johanna Gillbro, Founder, Skinome
Josefin Liljeteg, Chief Innovation Officer, Hardford

15:50 Case study: The health of the skin microbiome and barrier as key purchasing criteria

Entering the era of science-backed beauty, we are witnessing consumer awareness rise around product science. Expectation around functionality and skin health compatibility is higher than ever. In this case study we will learn from Verso how they adopted the science of the skin microbiome in collaboration with KIND TO BIOME.

Lars Fredriksson, CEO & Founder, Verso
Leo Salvi, Head of Science, KIND TO BIOME

16:15 Drinks and networking


Lucas Nanini

Lucas is the Head of EU and Asia Operations at Good Face, an AI-powered technology platform for innovation, formulation, and regulatory compliance. Lucas spent over a decade innovating for the most discerning consumers in beauty, working for companies like P&G and COTY.

Johanna Gillbro

Johanna is a scientist, entrepreneur and author and has more than 20 years of experience in experimental dermatology, clinical research, microbiome research as well as skincare product development. Upon publication in April 2019, her book The Scandinavian Skincare Bible (Hudbibeln – SE) went straight to the bestseller lists at all major retailers in Sweden. Moreover, she is the founder of Skinome a skincare company dedicated to enhancing skin health through the modulation of the skin microbiome.

Josefin Liljeteg

Josefin is the CIO of Hardford Ab. She has a rock-solid background from the cosmetics industry, and a long experience in innovation, formulation, claim substantiation and regulatory affairs. During her career, she has worked as R&D lead in Lumene with a multitude of successful launches in skin care, with market surveillance of cosmetics and tattoo inks, and now she leads the R&D, quality, and regulatory affairs departments at Hardford Ab.

Lars Fredriksson

Lars is the visionary founder of Verso Skincare, established in 2103. He has been at the forefront of this performance-driven Swedish beauty brand, which harnesses the power of innovative, scientifically proven ingredients. With 30 years of experience, Lars has demonstrated his expertise in product and brand development within the beauty industry. His track record includes over 30 years and contributions to brands such as Jabu’She, Swedish Skincare System, and Restylane Skincare.

Leo Salvi

Leo Salvi is co-founder and Head of Science at KIND TO BIOME, the certification for skin and scalp microbiome-gentle products, boasting global clients such as REN Clean Skincare, The Nue Co., Shiseido and RMS Beauty. Leo is also a certified safety assessor for cosmetics products and a regulatory expert. Today, his focus is on driving formulation change in the cosmetics industry by assisting companies in formulating microbiome-gentle cosmetics.


Konrad Olsson, Editor-In-Chief, Scandinavian MIND

Stockholm-based Konrad Olsson is the founder and editor-in-chief of Scandinavian MIND, a magazine and platform covering the intersection of lifestyle and technology. Konrad is an experienced speaker, moderator, and podcaster. He regularly advises brands and organisations on content strategy and digital transformation.

Johan Magnusson, Senior Editor, Scandinavian MIND

Johan Magnusson is the Senior Digital Editor and Beauty Expert at Scandinavian MIND, constantly in search of the next big ingredients, formulations, and innovations within beauty — and the new technologies that might transform the industry as we know it.

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