Art exhibition Awearness aims to inspire a conversation about climate in a different way
Initiator Tora J-Dannfelt has joined forces with one couture designer, one award-winning photographer, and one artist and digital creator to highlight the climate crisis from a different perspective.
14 Apr 2022

Dannfelt is an entrepreneur with a background in fintech, who just launched the MVP (minimum viable product, Ed’s note) of BobUp, an app that allows you to share your tips on places and travels with your friends. She’s also a former model, which is where she met Swedish couture designer Lars Wallin, award-winning photographer Jørgen Reimer, and Jonathan Wendt, artist and digital creator. Together, they’ve created Awearness.

— I made a vow to myself to always be engaged in philanthropic endeavours alongside my career, she says. Awearness is a brilliant and deliciously beautiful pro bono art project that motivates and engages around climate crisis. Through fashion and art, we wish to inspire a conversation about our climate in a different and inspiring way. We are daily faced with horrific videos portraying suffering and catastrophes and even though that is the reality we live in, it feels as if people shy away instead of stepping up because it’s too hard to face. With these artworks, we want to inspire people to think, feel, and talk about the climate.

The project, she continues, consists of nine unique artworks that portray famous locations and landmarks in Stockholm. 

— Using fashion and art as an approach, an extreme interpretation of a potential climate situation is portrayed with its devastating reality as a result. The art is beautifully dystopian and dramatic, says Dannfelt.


Given her background in fintech, she also wanted to incorporate tech into the project. 

— We partnered with True Original Documents which issues animated and blockchain-secured Certificates that cannot be lost, stolen, or falsified. In our case, each artwork will be connected to a digital Certificate of Authentication to ensure the ownership and authenticity of each piece.

The artworks will be showcased at department store NK in Stockholm until Tuesday, April 19, followed by NK in Gothenburg from April 22 until May 4. Prospective buyers can pre-register their bids now and on May 5, the artworks will be sold at an auction during The Perfect World Foundation’s annual charity gala, with Prince Albert ll of Monaco as a special guest. 

— The profits of Awearness will go, in full, to the global climate project Attenborough Forest to aid in the reforestation of domestic trees to promote the biodiversity needed for animals and nature to thrive and survive, Dannfelt concludes.