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Anti-depression brain implants, Xbox sneakers, and Balenciaga x Simpsons
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8 Oct 2021

1. Kristen McMenamy on her new-found Instagram fame — i-D

2. Bottega Veneta Issue 03: Honey Dijon x Stefano Pilati — 032c

3. Balenciaga collaborates with Simpsons to launch Spring Summer collection — Dezeen

4. A new brain implant relieved treatment-resistant depression, in a world first — Interesting Engineering

5. No cars, no unemployment: Walt Disney’s surprisingly radical vision of the city of tomorrow — Fast Company

6. Microsoft reveals adidas sneakers themed after the original xbox — IGN

7. How the secrets of the Pandora Papers were freed — Wired UK

8. Twitch’s security problems started long before this week’s hack — The Verge