Knitwear brand just took over iconic Arne Jacobsen building in the heart of Copenhagen
If you’re looking for more symmetry in your life, Andersen-Andersen is here to help.
28 Mar 2023

Many of the styles created by the Danish high-quality knitwear and workwear label are deliberately made symmetrical and the front and back are identical, founder and CEO Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen explains. 

— In the past, this helped sailors when dressing in the dark on board a ship. Today we continue the tradition, aiming to make the world’s best sailor sweaters, and include a new purpose — rotating a sweater often can reduce wear in a single spot, therefore extending its life.


In 1937, the now iconic Arne Jacobsen building Stelling House at Gammeltorv 6 in the centre of Copenhagen began selling paint and art supplies to the public. The first floor is now the home of Andersen-Andersen’s new flagship.

— It has been a gift to take over such a beautiful, listed property and return it to how Arne Jacobsen had initially designed it for the Stelling company, says Lundgren-Andersen. Our take on the interior has been to create something modern in a classic setting, and therefore we’ve collaborated with The Agency for Culture and Palaces, the best architects specialized in Arne Jacobsen, on the restoration, and the Danish artist Jes Brinch who has designed the colour arrangement for the store. We have restored everything – floors, ceilings, doors, yes, even an internal elevator that goes between the shop and the storage that hasn’t been used for many years.

The interior also includes Danish design classics like the Airport Sofa by Arne Jacobsen, the roller cabinet in acryl by Knud Holscher, and the original Stelling pendel — which was actually made for the building — in all the windows.

How’d you describe the end result?

— It’s the perfect mix between the classic architecture and the modern take with the colour arrangement and the big windows overlooking the square Gammeltorv in the city centre, says Lundgren-Andersen. Now, we would very much like to invite art and culture into our universe so we’re planning to have exhibitions, talks, and book releases here.