All Matters / Studio’s new rugs offer endless flexibility
Developed from a Scandinavian design mindset, while minimizing the environmental impact.
8 Jan 2021

The Stockholm-based design studio is founded by a Danish architect and a Swedish entrepreneur who previously, among many other things, came up with the idea for Swedish bike brand Vélosophy about launching a bike out of recycled Nespresso capsules. The next step is to create high-quality, really flexible interior products.

First launched at 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen last fall, the debuting product WOODEN LINK 01 is a modular system of carpets in various sizes. They can be linked together forming a unique rug constellation, that can be changed by adding, subtracting, or changing the modules. This gives the customer the opportunity to change the rug’s look, shape, size, and color in a scalable system, aiming for high-end private homes and public spaces, such as lounges or hotels.

When designing, ALL MATTERS / STUDIO had a few issues in mind. A regular rug comes with a fixed size and patterns or colours are impossible to change, so when moving, it’s clearly one of the items which might be hard to fit in a new home. And, accidents might happen and the entire rug needs cleaning. Some accidents might even be irreversible. However, most of them are made of combined material, making it hard to recycle.

But, using a flexible system is more manageable and easy to handle than a big regular size carpet. And the way the different units can be combined in various constellations and color combinations make it adaptable to ever-changing home environments, prolonging the product’s life span. The customer can choose units made from yarns such as merino wool, bamboo, lyocell, and a combination of bamboo and linen. The links are made of leather from Sørensen — the only leather product marked with the Nordics’ official ecolabel, the Swan.