Tech / Ces 2021
10 extraordinary tech innovations from CES
Albeit online-only, the world’s largest tech conference still produced exciting new products.
14 Jan 2021

Just like many other traditional physical events, the Customer Electronic Show ditched the hands-on practice this year. The Las Vegas fair spaces stood empty, but journalists still had a hectic couple of days of keeping up with the many digital presentations, showrooms and conference talks. Out of the many impressive and fascinating news and gadgets that we stumbled upon, we have cherry-picked the must-haves and can’t-misses for the coming year.

LG’s rollable screen

We’ve seen the rollable TV from LG before, but the South Korean tech giant briefly teased a rollable smartphone/tablet in their official press conference. Perhaps our smartphones will be rolled up and folded up in 2021?

General Motors’ airtaxi concept

The abbreviation of this coming decade is eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing). The air-taxi industry is picking up speed, and with the entrance of mobility powerhouse GM, the process might reach new heights sooner than we think.

YSL’s MUA-bot

Yves Saint Laurent has partnered up with Perso in a new smart lipstick. The sleek container connects to an included app that can analyze your outfit’s colour scheme, and then create the perfect red shade for that specific outfit.

Skagen’s sleek smartwatch

Owning a smartwatch usually comes with one big downside — it doesn’t look very good (or like a classic watch). Danish watchmakers Skagen’s new Jorn Hybrid HR keeps the sleek Danish designs, but still packs some impressive technology assets. Track your sleep, your jog routes, daily steps and heart rate without having to master a small touch screen.

The Gardyn home garden

Vertical farming with a built-in AI gardener? Yes, please. This 150 cm tall indoor garden can host up to 30 different plants, and the AI tells you exactly when, and how, to take care of the plants. You fill the water tank once a month, the home garden does the rest.

Razer’s smart mask

As a sign of the times, one of the most hyped products at CES was Razer’s smart mask. Its built-in mic and speaker get your words out more clearly, and the RBG LED lights up your mouth when it gets darker. We do want it, but let’s hope we won’t find a reason to within the next couple of years.

Chamberlain’s smart dog door

Autonymous and smart garage door developer Chamberlain is a breed apart from its competitors, at least with its latest product in mind. The myQ Pet Portal lets your dog get free access in and out of your house with its smart collar, which notifies the connected app when the dog wants out.

Ampere Shower Power Bluetooth speaker

This smart speaker’s name gives you a hint of what to expect. It’s powered by the running water in your shower, meaning that you can listen to your favourite podcast via Bluetooth without fiddling on your phone with wet fingers, or worrying about battery shortage.

Vaonis’ miniature observatory

The Vespera Observation Station is something of a hybrid between a smart telescope and a camera. The station is 68 cm tall and stands firmly on the removable tripod, which allows it to take magnificent pictures of space. Be ready to up the ante on your wallpaper game.

Samsung’s butler robot

It wouldn’t be CES without a proper smart robot. The Bot Handy uses its arm and hand to pour you a glass of water, open doors and stacking the dishwasher. The video material is too good not to miss out.