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Will 2023 see the breakthrough for DNA technology in skincare and wellness?
According to this Swedish startup, it’s a revolution that has just begun.
17 Mar 2023

While traditional health care struggles with complications and long waiting times, modern people demand care that is faster-paced, safer, and smooth to keep up with their busy lives.

— So far, this is an equation that hasn’t quite come together, says Johanna Lönn, technical lead, project & project manager at Dynamic Code.

And what do you offer?

— We’ve developed a series of comprehensive healthcare solutions that streamline the entire healthcare process to give you greater control of your health. We’ve designed everything to give you more access to testing, diagnosis, and treatment — all in just a few days.


— Through smart diagnostic and healthcare testing solutions. Most of our products are based on rigorous DNA technology that is utilized in both traditional health care and for customers. You can easily order any of our testing kits online or at several retailers, where you can quickly and effortlessly take them anywhere you are. The tests are then analysed in our laboratories, whereupon your results can be retrieved via a safe code on our website in just a few days. Your results can be accessed safely, securely, and with complete anonymity. We also offer subsequent care solutions and various treatment options via our digital healthcare providers. If you ask us, the whole process could not be any smoother. We currently offer tests for women’s health, lifestyle, skin, and nails, as well as to check various forms of stomach health.

”The field is also under high pressure from new regulations”

What’s the current state of your industry?

— Our revolution has just begun. We are constantly working hard to create a world where healthcare resources are used in a smarter and more efficient way. That way, there is enough for us to do even more and where everyone can get the care they need faster, safer, and more reliably. Also, things are continuously moving towards faster and more personalised test results that can be utilised in new ways, in different businesses, Lönn explains. She continues:

— The willingness to use self-sampling to save time and money is on the rise, much because of the pandemic that has enabled the industry to take several leaps forward with many new types of users. The ability to leverage high-quality lab results by using self-sampling is a growing trend in the industry. However, the field is also under high pressure from new regulations (IVDR, The In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation) which cause higher costs and longer lead times. This will affect the number of players on the market, and their ability to scale their business and provide new solutions to the customers. Short term it will cause stagnation, long term it will enable higher quality products from fewer bigger players. And around the corner, we will see new smart solutions with AI included to track, evaluate, and alert changes in our health status. Preventing diseases and lowering the pressure on the healthcare system is essential to make us a healthier society and lower the costs of healthcare.