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Gustaf Westman highlights Sweden’s emerging creators in special music festival pavilion
The hyped furniture designer presents rising stars at this weekend’s Way Out West festival in Gothenburg.
12 Aug 2022

Right after his architecture studies, the Swedish creator switched to furniture design and more conceptual interior projects. He now runs the creative studio and furniture company Gustaf Westman Objects.

This weekend, you’ve created your first house. Tell us about the project.

— It’s a mirror pavilion I made together with Oatly. The best way to describe it is as a getaway space at an otherwise very curated festival area. It’s basically a nice room where you can do whatever you want! The whole concept is inspired by objects frozen in our memory, that are nostalgic but also hard to place at a specific time. It’s called Frozen Objects.

You also highlight designers and artists and their works.

— Yes, the featured designers are hand-picked from different parts of the world, Westman explains. What they all have in common is that they, in my opinion, are good at reflecting on what is specific for our time. I worked a lot with Stockholm-based clothing designer Beata Rydbacken for the project. She has taken her knowledge of textiles and formed that into various objects. Other people featured are Hugo Henningsson, who made a screen print fabric, Sean Down who made a plastic chair, Lovisa Axén with various art pieces around the pavilion, and Alex Proba’s pillows.

After Way Out West, what’s next?

— There’s a lot coming! I’m now really into making smaller stuff for my studio but I also love the big special projects, such as this one, and will hopefully do many more further on.