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Freight technology company Einride presents musical composition using the frequency of Earth
Joining forces with Swedish artists Jacob Mühlrad and Alexander Wessely in celebration of Earth Day today, the new campaign showcases technology fusing with nature.
22 Apr 2022

The Earth has a pulse — inaudible waves that reverberate at around 7.83 hertz, on average. Studies have found that these frequencies, known as the Schumann Resonances, have associations with regeneration and healing. 


Jacob Mühlrad is a Swedish composer whose works — grappling with themes like mortality — have been performed at Carnegie Hall in New York and at National Portrait Gallery in London. Alexander Wessely is a multi-disciplinary artist, known for building narrative, drama, and expression through silhouettes and contrasts. His works have been exhibited, performed, or shown in over 20 countries and he has also directed music videos for artists including The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia. For Einride’s new campaign, called Harmonize Earth, the duo has now combined the frequency of Earth with the company’s Pod’s autonomous technology — transposing the two into a bespoke musical composition. The mentioned campaign, Einride explains, is both a homage to our planet and a testament to humankind’s ability to achieve harmony with Earth through technological innovation.

— I couldn’t resist trying to imagine how the sound of Earth and the sound of the Einride Pod would harmonize together, so I transposed those frequencies both from the Pod’s lidar system and the sound of Earth into the audible spectrum of the human ear. One of the cellos was playing the pitch of the Earth and the other two cellos were playing the frequencies of the lidar system, Mühlrad explains.

— Technology is not the problem, but the solution. If we adopt this lens, humankind’s best days are ahead of us, Robert Falck, founder and CEO of Einride, adds.

Jacob Mühlrad and Alexander Wessely.