DRIVR and Toyota are pushing for fossil fuel-free taxis in Copenhagen
Together with Everfuel, they've announced a five-year agreement, collaborating on taking full advantage of hydrogen taxis in the Danish capital.
26 Jan 2022

At the moment, over a hundred Toyota Mirai taxi cars are driven around the streets of the Danish capital for the cab carrier DRIVR. The goal is to reach 500 Mirai cabs in Copenhagen by 2025, aiming to contribute to the decrease of carbon dioxide emitted in the Danish capital.

The three parties have a concrete concept, uniting their forces resulting in moving the market for fuel-cell vehicles substantially forward. Everfuel is already providing hydrogen to DRIVR’s taxis and will be the sole provider during the agreement period. The hydrogen fuel company is currently working on the establishment of further stations around the Copenhagen area to meet the demand from the mentioned taxis and other vehicles.

The Mirai 2021 model getting fueled up with hydrogen. Photography: Toyota.

— “This is a huge step towards the decarbonisation of Copenhagen, and one of the biggest green taxi initiatives in Europe. We see the Mirai as a perfect match for the taxi industry, where the drivers will experience a car that is fully refuelled within 3-5 minutes, and customers have a smooth and emission-free experience driving through Copenhagen” says Bo Svane, General Manager for Mobility and New Businesses at Toyota Denmark.

— “With the agreement in hand, we are now prepared to meet the growing demand for fossil-free taxis among our customers, aiming to assist in the green transition within mobility” said Haydar Shaiwandi, CEO at DRIVR.

During the previous year, the companies’ activities demonstrated how hydrogen taxis are part of a fossil-free future, serving as a solid base for their future collaboration, that even plans to be expanded outside of Denmark to offer green transportation to further customers.