Cooper and Gorfer portray Scandinavian immigrant adaption in new Fotografiska exhibition
The photographer duo shares several women’s immigrant stories via goddess-like portraits.
15 Nov 2021

Photographer duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer, from USA and Austria respectively, have been shooting visually rich collages since they met in Gothenburg back in 2005. Since then, the duo has touched upon political and powerful angles, not seldom with femininity and women empowerment in focus.

Cooper and Gorfer’s exhibition called Between These Folded Walls, Utopia is no exception to their usual visual and storytelling attributes. After its premiere in New York in 2020, the exhibition is now coming to Sweden and Fotografiska in Stockholm, where museum-goers can lay eyes on it until January 16 2022.

The duo depicts the waves of immigrants and refugees resettlement in Europe, and the constant search for a sense of self. The exhibition explores the idea of Utopia, how it is envisioned, and who is allowed to join.