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Zeptagram’s Christina Löwenström: ”Art was a door opener — NFT will become huge in 2022”
According to the co-founder and CEO, the blockchain-based trading platform makes investing in music rights as easy as investing in stocks.
3 Jan 2022

Zeptagram is blockchain-based and intellectual property owners can tokenize their assets as NFTs and dNFTs. The platform’s goal is to become a leading trading exchange for music and IP rights.

— We make it possible for the artists to finance their creation and list their music rights, Löwenström explains. Music fans and investors can invest in music rights and get a return when the music is, for instance, played on radio, television, streamed on Spotify and Youtube, or used in movies. We make investing in music rights as easy as investing in stocks. The blockchain-based marketplace enables secure and easy tracking of the music rights and distribution of the royalty income to the owners of the rights listed on the marketplace, which is available as both a web platform and a mobile platform for Android and iOS. We have signed some great songs and look forward to 2022 and the explosion of the NFT music market.

With a background as an entrepreneur from the fashion and music industry, she’s been an early adopter of Blockchain and music NFTs since 2015.

— Our early investors were offered the opportunity to invest in the platform currency Zeptacoin in an ICO and Zeptacoin is listed on 2 exchanges — Bittrex and Bitmart. In 2022, we are doing an IPO.

What feedback do you get from the music industry?

— As mentioned we were very early adopters and started with NFTs and music in 2015. It has taken a while to get understanding and acceptance of them. In my opinion, we have just seen the start of the NFTs. We live in a world where the need for trust in ownership combined with a more decentralized world will make the need of creating Non Fungible Tokens will be applied to many fields than we see today, as in art and music. We always say that we do IP rights because, at the end of the day, that is what is created with an NFT, and I believe we have already been a part of changing the music landscape.

— Art was a door opener, we can see that music and NFT will become huge in 2022. I think this is a glimmer of hope for the music creators that have been through hell. When teachers lose their jobs they have their strong unions, when a car plant is closed down, the government helps with different activities, but the music creators were left on their own when their income vanished. I do believe that creators will embrace this new avenue and they have now been forced to connect with their fans via social media — so the power is in their hands again, Löwenström concludes.