S-beauty Special
When finished, Sprout’s patented makeup products can be planted and grow into wildflowers
The Danish brand recently entered the beauty market, following up on the world’s first plantable pencil.
29 Oct 2021

After the huge K-beauty trend and its 10-step-routines, there’s a growing global buzz for Scandinavian S-beauty and its innovative products with sustainability at its very core. In the latest issue of our printed magazine, we highlight 13 innovative beauty launches. This is #3.

Michael Stausholm’s greatest interests, he tells, are green entrepreneurship and sustainability. He’s the founder and CEO of Sprout World, the company behind the first pencil in the world that can be planted and grown into herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

— The idea is to plant it when it becomes too small to write with, thereby giving it a new life. Since the company was founded in 2013, we’ve sold more than 35 million plantable pencils in more than 80 countries. 

— This year, the brand also launched a plantable makeup pencil, the Sprout Eyeliner. It’s vegan, made from natural ingredients from ethical sources, and free from microplastics, enriched with active vegetable oils, and, like the pencils, produces minimum waste. When you plant the stub, it grows into wildflowers, Stausholm explains.

A few months ago, Sprout launched Happy Bee Edition, a pack of 5 plantable graphite pencils with bee-friendly plants and flowers. 

— The bees are endangered globally, so we try to encourage people to take small steps where ever possible.

This month, the brand launches a gift box with a plantable black eyeliner, a brown eyeliner, and a brown brow liner.

— The brow liner also grows into wildflowers after use. It’s a unique gift idea for the conscious consumer that wants to make a positive impact while using makeup, Stausholm concludes.

Eyeliner from Sprout in our latest issue
Set design: Niklas Hansen
Photography: Anders Kylberg

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