What’s the secret behind Stockholm’s creativity?
A new film aims to find the answer.
5 Mar 2021

On their mission to attract international talent to the thriving Stockholm tech scene, Invest Stockholm joins forces with Visit Stockholm to create a special film.

— We wanted to explore our city’s DNA — to really understand what makes the city unique, tells Marie Sundström, responsible for PR and strategic communications. We wanted our audiences to be able to picture themselves in Stockholm and get a feel for our city. We asked ourselves, what happens to you when you leave home to go somewhere new? At first, you might be inspired by new experiences, beautiful surroundings, or food that you’ve never tasted before. But what happens to you when you really get to know a place, its people, and values? When you begin to discover the true DNA of a city, what thoughts and new ideas do you have? And why is it that some places make you more creative?

— This is what we wanted to explore in making ”The Secret Formula of Stockholm”. Director Gustav Bondeson and his team did an amazing job in capturing Stockholm’s DNA talking to three international talents who moved to Stockholm while portraying their everyday life in the city.

What would you say is Stockholm’s secret?

— Over the years we’ve had a close dialogue with the Stockholm startup scene and international talent in the city. They’ve been telling us a story of the city as a place where you feel free to express your ideas, where everyone gets listened to, where our values, which promote diversity and equality, allow people to be creative. I think our openness to new ideas definitely makes for a creative environment, says Sundström. She continues:

— I also know from working at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, that Stockholm is unique when it comes to bringing together people from very different disciplines, which is when we often see the most innovative solutions. The fact that it’s a small town and universities and innovation hubs are close to each other, make it easy for diverse groups of people to connect and work together on projects.

The Secret Formula of Stockholm, directed by Gustav Bondeson and his team at Tarot Pictures, together with Garbergs

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