Values in the metaverse: Q&A with H&M’s menswear department
Season 3, episode 22.
25 May 2022

This is the third part of our new podcast series Values in the Metaverse. In this series, we will interview designers, experts, and entrepreneurs working with digital fashion, metaverse, and NFTs. When we’re creating a new digital universe, what kind of values do we want in it? This is the Nordic perspective.

In this episode, our editor-in-chief Konrad Olsson shares a Q&A session he held with the menswear department at the H&M headquarters in Stockholm.

The Scandinavian Mind podcast is a bi-weekly show, about the intersection of lifestyle and technology. Every Wednesday, we publish an in-depth interview with an innovator from the worlds of design, fashion, beauty, mobility, and tech. And every Friday, we publish a panel talk or other behind the scenes content from the world of Scandinavian MIND. 

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