UNITY is here to challenge the way we’re living and working
The brand new living concept has teamed up with Tom Dixon when the doors to the first space open in November.
30 Jun 2021

The way we live is experiencing a change, where expectations and needs are evolving rapidly. Yet, housing has been slow to adapt to contemporary needs and demands. 

New concept UNITY offers everything needed under one roof.  It’s not a hotel, nor an apartment, but aiming to combine the best from the two. They wish to offer an aspirational yet accessible living concept, including workspaces, that takes care of everything, so the residents and co-working members can focus on what’s important. Head of marketing and communication Olivia Vestergaard shares how they, simply put, want to embrace a modern way of life.

— We want to challenge the way we live today by offering intelligent living, state-of-the-art working spaces, and services to support your everyday living. All located under one roof. Each resident decides if it’s a stay for a couple of days or for a year, customized for his or her needs. On student budget or all-inclusive services.

The space includes indoor and outdoor common areas including co-working facilities, café, and lounge area, gym facilities, events, and workshops. Residents can stay all-inclusive, or even on a budget, and always with the option of only one bill. 

— We have changed the traditional standard apartment into a compressed living space with all the amenities that you need within reach. We use flexible furniture to create a compact but well-designed interior space that promotes the daily routine by its flexibility. We don’t only focus on living space, we also put high value in creating a community space for like-minded people. Simply everything that belongs to the modern metropolitan lifestyle, explains Michael Schumann, fund development manager at developer Aberdeen Standard Investment.

Tom Dixon’s part of the project has been to create an inspiring and beautiful environment.

— His expressions are signified with minimalism, industrial rawness, and durable materials. Combined with our Nordic roots, we believe that he bridges international and Nordic design very well, says Vestergaard.

We see a rising micro-living trend in small and bigger cities and Vestergaard believes that this way of life will continue to grow.

— The flexible way of working, living, and socializing creates a sustainable lifestyle that attracts creatives, entrepreneurs, students, and tomorrow’s professionals. Today we live agile lives. Our homes should support that development, she says.

The first UNITY space opens in Hammarby Sjöstad right outside Stockholm’s city center in November. In the next two years, the concept will expand and open on seven new locations, including Aarhus, Malmö, Kista, Tampere, and Helsinki.