This Norwegian mountain cabin is local pinewood through-and-through
The full-out Scandinavian city getaway.
22 Jan 2021

Elevated on top of a mountain neighbouring the Norwegian ski resort Kvitfjell lies the Kvitfjell Cabin, that ticks all the boxes for the quintessential Scandinavian city escape. Design Milk writes that the five-room narrow cabin stretches itself 26 meters along the elevated mountain landscape.

The house is fully built out of local pinewood, with the internal walls made out of white oiled pine to make the sun-starved Norwegian winters as bright as possible. The external walls are made out of untreated wood, that will fade into a more grey fade as they age.

Designer Erling Berg’s use of local wood together with the minimalistic design approach oozes Scandinavia. Cabins are a great start, but the sustainable design path of wooden structures will hopefully keep evolving. When done right, it can be pleasing to the eye as well as to the environment.