Transformation In Fashion
The Transformation Exhibition 7/11
What is transformation? We reached out to our network of creatives from all around the Nordics and asked them to interpret it.
4 Jan 2021

Ville Varumo is a Finnish photographer and Sakke hytönen is a Finnish stylist and fashion editor. They have collaborated together for over 10 years, and this time they got help from John Sjöholm, a long time friend of Ville as the model. 

How did you choose to interpret the theme of Transformation in your story?

— By sitting back and watching my long term friend John fall asleep on a bed. We chose to create a space where sleep is seen as a vessel to transform into the existing, exhausting world.

— Maybe it’s an ode to a 4-day work week, a long holiday or maybe even death.

Why is this angle/interpretation important right now?

— We live in a prolonged state of emergency, waiting to go back to “normal”. Before that happens, a little bit of rest for a year or two would be nice.

Tell us about the production; where did you shoot and why?

— We wanted to find a clear, minimalistic and intimate space with a beautiful wall colour and fell for this bedroom with its pale green walls and warm light coming in through the window.

What was the most challenging part of this production?

— To get John into a resting state. We talked, goofed around and tried various things. Ironically, in the end, the transformation required time — the lack of which we were examining.

What was the most rewarding part of this production?

— To see John fulfilled with peace and calm.

What is the most important issue to focus on in the immediate future?

— Slowing down the economy and having the courage to take steps back.