Tech Investing
Ted Persson & Greg Bernstein (EQT Ventures) on frontier technologies
Season 2, episode 6.
6 Oct 2021

Our guests today are Ted Persson and Greg Bernstein, partner and venture lead at VC firm EQT Ventures. The duo dissects what frontier and deep tech mean, the responsibilities of ethics in tech, and the amazingly sustainable potential that technology can offer by making production hyperlocal again.

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In this episode, Ted and Greg talk about:

The building stones of EQT

Dissecting frontier tech and deep tech

How every company and service in some way are tech companies

The startup boom and having to be proactive rather than reactive

Morality and ethics when working with tech

Deepfakes and synthetic media

Technology making production local again

Making frontier technology make sense through storytelling

Getting inspired by popular culture and getting excited about the future

Looking like a Scifi-company but still being taken seriously