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Placebo offers customers to ”tap to mint” on first-ever phygital runway
Teaming up with tech company Boyo to incorporate NFC technology into physical garments.
11 Apr 2023

Fashion designer Roei Derhi merges fashion and technology when creating fashion for Metaverse platforms, gaming, and physical products. His brand, Placebo, just joined forces with Replica work, Studio M.A, and GarageFarm for the launch of its new collection, named Babylon, which consists of physical and digital looks, during Kornit Fashion Week in Tel Aviv. The name refers to the biblical story of the Tower of Babylon and is used as a metaphor for how people today can interact with each other both in the physical and digital world with the help of technology.

By using 3D technology, Derhi has sketched and designed the collection digitally, to be able to skip the sampling stage, get help with the calculation of materials, and design prints on the fabrics. The garments’ silhouettes and details are inspired by the workwear aesthetic and feature different fashion styles, including streetwear, tailoring, and evening glam. 

In collaboration with the tech company Boyo, and for the first time in history, Placebo has incorporated NFC technology as an NFC tag in the physical garments. By using a phone, the consumer can scan the tag and transfer the physical garment into a digital copy that is stored in a digital wallet. This makes it possible to get more detailed information about the garment and also ”Tap to Mint”, buying an NFT version of it. The blockchain technology used in the collection creates transparency, ownership, and authentication of the physical and digital assets, aiming to cater to both tech enthusiasts and fashionistas.

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