Swedish Fashion Council launches Stockholm [X]perience to highlight the future of fashion
Aiming to present the new era of Swedish fashion to a local and global fashion community.
24 Oct 2022

Four years ago, Swedish Fashion Council (SFC) changed direction. It went from hosting Stockholm Fashion Week and partnerships with industry players to instead focusing on the changes and challenges the industry is facing — and what actions are required to meet and benefit from these. It now participates in research projects, produces industry reports, and enables cross-industry innovation projects to promote, educate, and innovate the fashion industry with the aim of making it competitive, sustainable and relevant in a changing world. The organisation also supports the new era of Swedish fashion through the talent program SFC Incubator.

Beate Karlsson SS23.

November 9-10, SFC welcomes buyers from leading international stores and international press from the likes of Vogue, Business of Fashion, and Dazed & Confused Magazine to its home ground for the first edition of Stockholm [X]perience. The two-day event kicks off with the launch of Fashion Transformation, a new report series highlighting the transformation of the fashion industry. It’s followed by a program highlighting the new era of Swedish fashion, including presentations by Hodakova and Jade Cropper, an exhibition by AVAVAV’s creative director Beate Karlsson, and Rave Review’s first runway show in Stockholm. Stockholm [X]perience then finishes with the launch of the book MODE 2022 and Fashion [X], a digital platform aiming to highlight representatives from the future of fashion.

— Sweden’s combination of pace of innovation, focus on sustainability, and creative height is unique. By using all our strengths, Swedish fashion has the opportunity to take a leading role in the fashion industry of the future. Stockholm [X]perience is the first the step in introducing the new era of Swedish fashion and boosting Sweden’s position on the international fashion scene, says Jennie Rosén, CEO, Swedish Fashion Council.