Swedish art fair uses cryptocurrency as payment method for its artworks on sale
Affordable Art Fair celebrates the 10-year-anniversary merging the physical and digital worlds.
20 Apr 2022

The concept was founded in the UK in 1999 as a counterpoint to what was perceived as a ”stuffy world” where people felt excluded, aiming to make contemporary art available to everyone. Today, Affordable Art Fairs are organized in ten cities in nine different countries. This weekend, the 10th edition of the Swedish fair takes place right outside of Stockholm, welcoming the likes of Ronen Art Gallery, Pigment Gallery, WAY gallery Sthlm, Mankovsky, and IONNYK.

— This edition will host several new local and international galleries, showcase new mediums such as fully digital pieces — NFTs — and a collaboration with Kulturnatt Stockholm (the Stockholm Culture Night). For instance, the incognito 19-year-old artist RAIDER from the Netherlands will exhibit sculptures as well as a 5-meter high inflatable installation of his signature piece SCOOP, which I’m very excited to see, says Carl Wilhelm Hirsch, head of the Stockholm fair.

Affordable Art Fair.

A bunch of the participating galleries will sell NFTs, which can be purchased in both conventional and, for the first time in Sweden, cryptocurrency.

You also present special NFT initiatives, such as your very own NFT, special talks, and NFT stations to let the visitors learn more.

— Yes, Affordable Art Fair is a platform where artists can express the medium of their choice and visitors can engage, learn, and enjoy art in all forms. NFTs are something new and are not only relating to the art world, but to music, games, and everything around us. We are excited to be able to show these artists and their work at the fair. Our own fair NFT by Magda Lundberg is a delightful commentary on the uncertainty of the world, the choices we make and what could or would happen. She is very perceptive in catching people’s emotions and minds, says Hirsch.